Dress Orthotics

$70.00 $42.40


  • Offered in 11 different sizes to meet feet of all shapes and sizes. Lightweight but with comfortable, firm arch support. Easy to trim material for customizable perfect fit. Soft, breathable fabric. Heel cup offers gentle motion control.
  • The most highly recommended insoles by podiatrists. Keep your feet comfortable all day with Pure Stride Insoles.
  • Designed by doctors and promoted by podiatrists to ensure joints, muscles and gait are supported. Lift and support the arch and increase stability and comfort.
  • Created from high quality materials that mean your insoles will last through work, sports and other activities. Perfect for cleats or tennis shoes.
  • Polypropylene shell surrounded by 2 layers of EVA for comfort and durability. Flexible but firm enough to offer the proper amount of support.



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